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Welcome Miracle Intensity fm

MI is an online FM Radio which is mainly for the youth of today. It birthed in a feeble mind of a teenager (Eden Jones) who imagined opening a radio station to reach out to the young generation about the love of Christ for such a time as this.  She is a miracle child who was suffering from Osteomyelitis was touched and healed by our Lord Jesus Christ without any operation when she was 8 years old in the year 2003.

She is a living miracle who testifies what the Lord has done through her songs and message of hope reaching out to schools, churches, colleges, conferences and crusades for the glory of God to declare to the world that things which are impossible with man are easily possible with God.It so happened when some friends of Eden and her family came to know about the vision she had about MI FM radio which came to be a reality through their encouragement for the glory of God.Presently Eden is pursuing her Engineering and also involved in worship and music ministry unto the Lord. If your a youth touched by this testimony you too can join MI to build the kingdom of God.

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